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What happens when you receive my concern

We will review your concern to decide whether it is about an issue that is within our remit to investigate

We will first consider whether the concern you have raised is something we can deal with. This assessment takes place during our triage stage.

We sometimes receive information about issues we cannot deal with. If this is the case with your concern we will write to you to explain why, and will try to direct you to another organisation that might be able to help you.

Where we have made a decision at the triage stage that a matter is something we can deal with, we will carry out an initial investigation to obtain the relevant information about that concern. This may involve gathering information from a number of sources.

Once we have completed our initial investigation we will assess your concern and the information we have obtained about it, against our threshold criteria for fitness to practise investigations. This is to decide whether the concern, and the information we have gathered, amounts to an allegation that the registrant’s fitness to practise may be impaired. We will take into account whether the matter could amount to a breach of the HCPC’s standards of conduct, performance and ethics and standards of proficiency.

If we find that your concern does meet our threshold, we will refer the matter to our Investigating Committee.

If we consider that our threshold has not been met we will close the case and take no further action.

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