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Partner Team

Partner FAQS

A selection of common Partner questions and the answers

Frequently asked questions

  • If your personal details have changed, please log on to the Partner Portal where you can update your details. Please refer to our Partner Portal guidance for more information.  

    Please note that this will only change your details on the HCPC Partner system and not on our Register.

  • There are certain things that cannot be changed on the Partner Portal by Partners. If your title has changed and you would like us to update your Partner profile, please contact the Partner Team. Please note that we cannot change titles without official documented evidence of the change.

    Please note that the Partner Portal does not update the Register, and vice versa. If you would like your name updated on the Register as well, please contact Registration.

  • If you have issues logging in to the Partner Portal, or you think your account is locked, please email the Partner Team for assistance. 

  • To book a Partner training session with HCPC, please log into your Partner Portal account where you can make a booking. Please use the Partner Portal Training guidance for support.

  • The Learning Hub is the HCPC's online platform used for delivering learning objectives for Partners. The courses on the Learning Hub are called ‘eLearning modules’ and occasionally the department/ Partner Team will allocate eLearning modules to you.

  • The Learning Hub is a separate system to the Partner Portal - please don’t attempt access the site using the same password/username.

    To login into the Learning Hub, please use your email address as your username. To reset the password, please use the “forgotten password” function. This will send a password reset email to you. Please give this time to come through and note that it may go into your junk mail.

  • If you want your Partner fee to go to someone else other than yourself, please contact the Partner Team for a form.

  • Please allow up to one calendar month for fees to appear in your account. If you still have not received a fee for completion of Partner work, please contact our Finance Team at

  • HCPC Partner fees are VAT inclusive. The HCPC is not VAT registered and does not pay this as a separate amount. The Partner Services Agreement (PSA) explains our VAT regulations in the following sections:

    • Fees - 7.4
    • Expenses - 8.2.2

    Please contact Finance or the Partner Team if you require further assistance with this matter.

  • If for any reason you would like to make a complaint or raise a concern, please contact the Partner Team. Please also refer to our Partner Complaints Procedure for more information.

  • No, we haven’t forgotten you. Partner work is allocated when it becomes available. We aim for a fair distribution across Partners but there might be certain restrictions (profession/modality, availability, demand etc). Please contact the department or the Partner Team if you have any concerns.

  • It is not uncommon for Partners to take on more than one Partner role. Please note that for some roles there are restrictions in place. If in doubt please check with the Partner Team before applying. Any Partner vacancies will be available through the Partner Portal for current partners.

  • There is an option on the Partner Portal for you to update us with your unavailability.

    We understand that circumstances can suddenly change. If you are booked in for providing services that you can no longer commit to, please contact the department immediately.

    Please keep in mind that cancellations, especially with short notice periods, may impact on the work which needs to be delivered. The postponement of a hearing, for example, is costly and can cause additional stress to the registrant going through the process. 

    If you are on parental leave and unable to undertake Partner work, please contact the Partner Team and keep your unavailability on the Partner Portal up to date.  

  • The Partner Team is not responsible for the work allocation. If you encounter a problem, please email the department that allocates your work. Email addresses for the departments are available on the Partner Hub


  • Partners are required to use our travel company Click Travel for all travel and accommodation bookings. If you need any help, please contact When booking travel /accommodation, please refer to the HCPC Expenses Policy

  • If you require reasonable adjustments to enable you to conduct your Partner role, please contact the Partner Team and we can arrange for a phone call or meeting to fully understand your needs. Please note that we may ask to see a doctor’s note. We will reimburse any doctor’s fee for the letter should this be required.

  • Your notice period, according to the Partner Service Agreement, is three months. If you wish to resign from your Partner role, please send a resignation email to the Partner Team. A member of the team will acknowledge your email and check with the relevant department that there is no outstanding work before confirming your leaving date.

  • Yes, we can. Please contact the Partner Team if you require a reference for the services you have provided at the HCPC.

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