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Visitors will need to provide pre-visit feedback

04 Ebr 2019

We have asked visitors to provide feedback on pre-visit documentary submissions for many years, and the vast majority of our visitors do this.

Under our revised approval process, visitors will be required to provide feedback in a structured way, noting broad areas of concern, within two weeks of receiving the documentary submission

We are also committing to provide education providers with feedback on their submission before the visit. As a visitor, you will still be expected to form a standard-by-standard view of the proposal when preparing for the visit.

Visitors’ feedback is useful for the HCPC panel, including the HCPC executive, to understand where the issues lie with the programme, before our first private meeting. This feedback is also useful to education providers, as it allows them to consider the areas we plan to focus on before the visit, and prepare for our lines of questioning.

We do not expect anything extra from our visitors for this feedback. You already form these views as part of your review, and the majority of visitors provide written feedback on the documentation at some stage in the pre-visit process. By providing this feedback within a structured framework, you will help ensure it is timely and usable for our stakeholders and your colleagues.

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