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Registrants can now submit their CPD profiles online

23 Medi 2019

Phase 1 of our Registration Transformation and Improvement Project is now live

This phase looked at continuing professional development (CPD), building an online system that allows registrants selected for audit to submit their profile online. Previously, they sent a profile by post or emailed it in different parts.

Occupational therapists are the first whole profession to use the system. More than a thousand were selected for audit at the beginning of August and have been notified they will need to use the online system in order to submit their profile.

Several other professions have used the system as part of previous trials, as have CPD assessors, and the feedback so far has been positive. In particular, comments around improved efficiency and a simple user experience were at the forefront. 

Improving communication and efficiency

The new system provides a whole host of benefits.

  • The Registration Department can communicate with registrants directly via email and SMS in relation to the audit.
  • Registrants can access the system at any time to view the full audit of their profile and assessments.
  • Registrants are able to save their progress and return to complete their profile.
  • CPD assessors will be able to assess profiles from within the system, and will also have access to a full list of assessments allocated to them.
  • CPD assessors will be able to work remotely and have access to all the information required when carrying out their assessments.
  • Registrants can submit further information from within the system, as well as request a deferral if needed.
  • Any profile submitted will be checked by the system for completeness, to avoid incomplete submissions.

Alongside these benefits, we have developed a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to allow the Registration Department to process profiles more efficiently as they come in, and process feedback from assessors. It also provides full statistics of each audit by profession. 

CPD assessors do not need to worry about doing anything now to access the new system. The Registration Department will contact you as usual and will provide access and training when each profession comes around for audit.

Find out more about the CPD Online system, including videos demonstrating the system.



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