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Practice Note and policy updates

13 Mai 2019

In November 2018 and February 2019, the Tribunal Advisory Committee reviewed the Conduct of Representatives and Unrepresented Registrants Practice Note. These Practice Notes have now had legal sign off and a summary of the changes are below:

Updated documents

  • This was reviewed in light of the PSA’s lessons learned review into the NMC’s handling of concerns about midwives’ fitness to practise at the Furness General Hospital which highlighted a number of issues relevant to the treatment of patients, families and witnesses during fitness to practise proceedings. As such, minor amendments have been made to ensure that it is clear that the Practice Note applies to all representatives and the document is more succinct.

    A copy of the Practice Note can be found here

  • Following a review of HCPTS information and guidance for unrepresented registrants, minor amendments were made to the practice note to ensure it remains consistent, is not too legalistic, the role of the Legal Assessor is more clearly highlighted and the purpose of it to encourage greater engagement from registrants who are unrepresented is clear.

    A copy of the Practice Note can be found here

  • A small update has been made to the Conflict of Interest policy after receiving legal advice. The following paragraph has now been included into the policy.

    12. Panel members, chairs or legal assessors may not appear as advocates or lay representatives for HCPC registrants during the period of their appointment by HCPC.

You can find the complete policy on the HCPTS website.

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