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Revised Sanctions policy launches 15 July

11 Gor 2019

From Monday 15 July 2019, the HCPC’s Sanctions policy will be used by panels in hearings to determine the most appropriate sanction to be imposed

The Sanctions policy will replace the Indicative Sanctions policy on the launch date, after which you should refer to the latest version. The topic areas in the revised Sanctions policy are not new concepts and, if you are a fitness to practise (FTP) partner, you should already be familiar with them.

Please note, for any hearings before Monday 15 July 2019, panels will use the Indicative Sanctions policy

eLearning for FTP partners on our revised Sanctions policy

For FTP partners, the launch of the new policy is supported by an interactive eLearning module, to highlight relevant changes made to the policy and consolidate your learning.

You should have received an invitation email from our learning management system. The email will include a link to the Learning Hub, our eLearning platform for partners.

If you haven't received your email please double check it has not been moved to your clutter or junk folder.

Your understanding of the policy will be assessed in the eLearning through a series of multiple choice questions. You will need to achieve a certain percentage in order to complete the module.




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