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Inside our latest #myhcpcstandards webinars

23 Meh 2022

Patrick Armsby

Professional Liaison officer

Why you should get involved and sign up to our latest webinar series.

The #myhcpcstandards webinars offer registrants the opportunity to learn more about the HCPC Standards and how to apply them in everyday practice.

This year’s programme has started with our webinar on reflective practice.

Over 300 registrants joined this webinar to explore the benefits regular reflection can have on their practice and share examples of some of the ways they can make the most out of reflecting on their work.

This webinar used our reflective practice resources and explored how to achieve reflection in practice and as part of continuing professional development. We introduced some practical tools and shared some real examples of how reflection supports learning, improvements and service user safety.

We asked for feedback on the session, and 100% of those attending said they would recommend this session to their colleagues, and 97% said that their knowledge of HCPC role and standards had improved.

pie chart 1.png

pie chart 2.png

When asked which parts of the session were most useful, and attendees told us:

“The real life example of what reflective practice is. It has always been a bit of a mystery before”

“I liked how easily you showed us how to do the reflective practice and that it is pretty straight forward”

“It gave a clear explanation of reflection, and it’s link to CPD; helpful to have a template and to know about HCPC resources too. Very useful to hear Kim's reflection - good to see it in practice”.

We will repeat our reflective practice webinar again later this year. Keep an eye out for it- and don't forget that these also count towards your CPD!

You can register now for:

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