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Attending meetings

Council and Committee meetings are public so anyone can attend

Council and Committee meetings are held in public, so anyone can attend.

Full details of all of our public meetings are available on the relevant section of this website, usually at least a year in advance. Agendas and papers are made available to download seven days before the meeting.

To attend a meeting virtually or in person (meetings take place three times each year at the HCPC offices, Park House in Kennington, London), please contact one week before the meeting so that you can be registered and provided with joining details.

Our Council meetings are held in public
Guidance for non-members attending HCPC meetings

Non-members should aim to arrive for the beginning of the meeting and remain until the end to avoid disturbing discussion.

Non-members may only address the meeting on the specific invitation of the Chair, in which case they may be invited to sit at the meeting table. In the event of an address being made without permission, the Chair may order the offending individual to be removed from the meeting or may order that part of the room which is open to the public be cleared.

All meetings are open to the public. The meeting will move into private session (non members will be asked to leave the room) when the business under consideration concerns:

  • information relating to a registrant, former registrant or application for registration;
  • information relating to an employee or office holder, former employee or applicant for any post or office;
  • the terms of, or expenditure under, a tender or contract for the purchase or supply of goods or services or the acquisition or disposal of property;
  • negotiations or consultation concerning labour relations between the Council and its employees;
  • any issue relating to legal proceedings which are being contemplated or instituted by or against the Council;
  • action being taken to prevent or detect crime or to prosecute offenders;
  • the source of information given to the Council or Committee in confidence; any other matter which, in the opinion of the Council Chair (or the Committee Chair) is confidential or the public disclosure of which would prejudice the effective discharge of the Council’s (or Committee’s) functions.

In order that members are able to speak freely photography or recording of HCPC meetings, other than written notes, is prohibited.

Animals are not normally allowed at Park House, other than guide dogs, hearing dogs and other assistance dogs. Smoking is forbidden at Park House.

Closed circuit cameras have been fitted to some HCPC meeting rooms to ensure the security and safety of the premises and people using it. They will only be activated when there is deemed to be a risk to employees or to the public. You will be notified if the cameras have been activated.

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