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The HCPC Register

One of our key functions is to maintain and publish a Register of health and care professionals who meet our standards.

Our online register is a fast, efficient, reliable and free way of checking the registration of a health professional. It is updated in 'real time', which means that as we make changes to registrants' information, these changes appear on the online register immediately.

Check the Register


Education approved programmes

Please click here for a list of our approved education programmes, and information about the approval process.


Register of interests, gifts and hospitality

We maintain registers of interests, gifts and hospitality. The biographical details for Council members include the interests they have declared.

The gifts and hospitality register entries for Council members and Executive Management Team members is available on request.


Disclosure Log

Disclosure Log is where you will find our responses to previous FOIA information requests.

The Disclosure Log does not contain our response to every request, but only those that may be of wider general interest.

Responses are published unedited, but personal information, such as the name and address of the person who made the request, may have been redacted on data protection or privacy grounds.

View our disclosure logs



Locations of our CCTV cameras are as follows:

  • Entrance to Park House
  • Bicycle racks at front of Park House
  • Park House reception
  • Stannary Street external looking towards rear entrance
  • Whitacre Mews at side of our property (Stannary Street side)
  • Interior of sliding doors at Stannary Street entrance
  • Interior of secondary doors at Stannary Street entrance
  • Room J (turned off in normal office hours)
  • Room K (turned off in normal office hours)
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