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We regularly review the the standards of conduct, performance and ethics to make sure they are relevant to current practice, and can be clearly understood by those who use them

The latest review of the standards began in May 2022. It has included pre-consultation and consultation workshops, and engagement across stakeholder groups. 

Formal consultations

We hosted a public consultation on the proposed standards and the guidance on social media from 27 March until 16 June 2023.

We supported this with a series of workshops and how now published the revised standards. An implementation period will bring the standards into effect in September 2024.

Consultation workshops

To support the consultation period, we hosted six workshops. These workshops explored each key theme of the consultation and gave people an opportunity to ask questions about the revisions we have made. The recordings of the workshops can be watched below. 

The key changes in detail

The key changes in the revised standards conduct, performance and ethics can be grouped into a number of themes. The themes are:

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