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New annotation to the Register for podiatric surgery

31 Ion 2020

From 31 January 2020, HCPC will open the podiatric surgery annotation for registered podiatrists.

The annotation will indicate that a podiatrist has undertaken HCPC approved training or had their experienced endorsed through an HCPC approved course. We believe the annotation is an important advance for public protection. It is also a positive step as it provides formal recognition of this specialism within the podiatry profession.

We have been able to take this step by working closely with the sector following our Council’s decision that the practice of podiatric surgery among podiatrists should be regulated in the interest of public safety, and by setting standards for podiatrists and education providers delivering training.

What does this mean for those who wish to start to train in podiatric surgery?

The HCPC has approved a number of education programmes since setting standards, allowing registered podiatrists to gain the skills and knowledge required to undertake podiatric surgery and gain the annotation having successfully completed the programme. Any registered podiatrist without prior experience and wishing to start to undertake podiatric surgery should now complete one of these programmes. Please note access to these programmes is subject to entry criteria.

What does this mean for those who are already practising podiatric surgery?

We advise anyone practising podiatric surgery to take account of the HCPC standards for podiatric surgery, as the threshold standards for safe and effective practice in this area. Podiatrists already practising podiatric surgery may continue to do so, but the annotation provides formal recognition of their skills by the HCPC and provides assurance to the public that their podiatrist meets the standards.

To gain the HCPC annotation, podiatrists already practising podiatric surgery can undertake the HCPC Annotation Process as a Podiatrist Practising Podiatric Surgery programme at The University of Huddersfield in order to demonstrate that they are meeting the HCPC standards of proficiency. This twelve-week distance education module starts four times a year over the next two years allowing them to fit it in at a time most convenient to them.

Please note, from 1 January 2022, the only way to gain the podiatric surgery annotation will be to complete a full programme as a new student.

To see the endorsement of our Chief Executive, and the College of Podiatry see our press release. 

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