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Protect yourself and your service users from flu

13 Tach 2019

Why it’s important to get your flu vaccination

Catching flu can be serious and, for some people, fatal.

As a health and care professional, you are more likely to be exposed to flu, especially if you work directly with the public. You can have flu without any symptoms and pass it on to family, friends and service users, many of whom may be at risk of complications.

The flu jab is the best way to protect yourself and your service users against flu. It will help stop flu spreading and protect those at increased risk, including older people, pregnant women, and those with underlying health conditions.

To help protect yourself against new strains of the virus, you should get a flu jab every year. The earlier you get the flu jab, the better, so you’re covered before the virus starts to circulate.

How to get your flu jab

You may be eligible for a free flu jab through your employer, for example if you work for the NHS.

If you can’t get a jab through your employer, some GP surgeries offer free flu jabs – check with your GP. Otherwise, many pharmacies provide low-cost flu jabs.

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