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Partner Policies updated

12 Rhag 2023

We regularly review our policies to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

The process starts with an operational review based on changes or issues we identified over time. Our Executive Leadership Team will review and approve the proposal. Policies which have a financial impact will require sign off by the Renumeration Committee.

We have updated the following Partner Policies which will go live from 1 January 2024:

The new Partner Code of Conduct includes our HCPC values, updates regarding partner availability and cancellation of services, references to the Conflict of Interest Policy, changes to the rules on partners accepting gifts and other clarifications.

The new Expenses Policy includes clarification on VAT as well as changes to cancellation fees, travel, accommodation and childcare costs and relevant claims. We have added information regarding reasonable adjustments and an EDI statement.

The new IT Policy includes changes around device security, email security, and clarification on personal device use.

Please familiarise yourself with the new policies. Any queries should be directed to:

Tudalen wedi'i diweddaru ymlaen: 12/12/2023