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Making the health and wellbeing of HCPC employees a priority

10 Maw 2022

Today the HCPC has launched its new Health and Wellbeing Framework for employees.

The Health and Wellbeing Framework aims to support the HCPC’s Corporate Strategy and People Strategy, by helping to achieve one of our six priority areas: to build a resilient, healthy, capable and sustainable organisation.

The ultimate goal of the framework is to improve the health and wellbeing of HCPC employees and to prevent work related stress. This encompasses the physical, mental and social health of employees and recognises that employees’ values, personal development and work within the HCPC contribute to their overall wellbeing at work.

The framework brings together all the initiatives already in place within the HCPC for supporting and maximising the health and wellbeing of employees. Through the coordination of current wellbeing activities and the identification of additional opportunities, an action plan has been created. This document will be regularly reviewed to ensure it is meeting the needs of our employees.

The framework is designed to ensure that:

  • The HCPC provides clear leadership and management in relation to wellbeing
  • There is optimal engagement of all levels of employees and effective collaboration
  • Best use is made of the resources available to optimise the delivery of the framework
  • Actions lead to long-term, sustainable improvements in the health and wellbeing of the HCPC workforce. 

The HCPC has a diverse workforce and the framework aims to reflect this by providing flexible and considerate understanding of individual challenges and developing effective solutions to these. This will enable us to meet our values of being a compassionate and inclusive regulator, treating people with respect, empathy and care, and championing diversity.

The average amount of time a person spends working each week highlights the importance of promoting health and wellbeing at work. We recognise that investing in employee wellbeing can have positive outcomes both for employees and the HCPC as a whole.

The Health and Wellbeing Framework can be downloaded here.

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