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Revisions to our standards of conduct, performance and ethics – what you need to do

09 Hyd 2023

The HCPC’s standards of conduct, performance and ethics set out, in general terms, how we expect our registrants to behave.

All approved education programmes must ensure those who complete programmes can meet these standards.

The revised standards of conduct, performance and ethics must be delivered to new cohorts starting from 1 September 2024.

We have produced guidance and information to help you embed the revised Standards into your programmes, and to engage with our regulatory requirements:

Guidance and information

Social media guidance

How we communicate is continually evolving and our Standards must reflect this.

To complement the revisions, we have made to the Standards of conduct, performance and ethics, we have updated our guidance on social media.

The guidance explains how to meet our standards when using social media in a professional and/or personal capacity.

It sets out the areas of our standards which apply to the appropriate use of social media – challenge discrimination, maintain appropriate boundaries, communicate appropriately, respect confidentiality, and be honest and trustworthy.

Download the social media guidance


What to do if you have queries

You may have questions or queries as you begin to review your provision.

Your institution has previously nominated a key quality assurance contact for us to work with. We suggest that you work internally with them on any areas where you would like further support.

This will help ensure consistency across your institution, which will in turn help you to embed the Standards into your programmes and engage effectively with HCPC processes.

Your quality assurance contact may approach your named HCPC contact with any queries from your institution.


Thank you

We would like to thank you for your support and engagement, both in the development of the revised Standards of conduct, performance and ethics and in ensuring new registrants can meet these Standards.

The delivery of HCPC standards to learners through your programmes is fundamental to ensuring highly-quality professional healthcare practice that keeps the public safe.

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