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We have emphasised the importance of registrants looking after their own mental health and seeking help where necessary as a part of maintaining their fitness to practise.


The previous standards were less about the registrant and their health and more focused on fitness to practise. This wording reflects our position as a compassionate regulator and our understanding of the centrality of registrant wellness.

Specific standards:

Registrants must:

  • 3.2: understand the importance of their own mental and physical health and wellbeing strategies in maintaining fitness to practise
  • 3.4: develop and adopt clear strategies for physical and mental self-care and self-awareness, to maintain a high standard of professional effectiveness and a safe working environment

Expectations of registrants:

  • Our previous standards did not mention mental health expressly and so this is a new duty for registrants
  • If a registrant’s health impacts their ability to practice safely and effectively, then they should not practice
  • Expectations in the new standards are broader than this. We now expect registrants to proactively manage their mental health, understanding that this is a key part of their practise
  • There is not a set way for registrants to meet this standard, but registrants may find it helpful to include wellness goals in their personal assessments or include specific observations about their health and how they manage it in their own notes


Watch our #myhcpcstandards webinar on registrants' mental health:

Page updated on: 23/11/2022