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Promoting public health and preventing ill-health

We have introduced new standards about promoting public health and preventing ill-health


Registrants are part of a larger healthcare system and play an important role in promoting good health in their professions.

Specific standards

Registrants must:

  • 15.1: understand the role of their profession in health promotion, health education and preventing ill-health
  • 15.2: understand how social, economic and environmental factors (wider determinants of health) can influence a person’s health and well-being
  • 15.3: empower and enable individuals (including service users and colleagues) to play a part in managing their own health
  • 15.4: engage in occupational health, including being aware of immunisation requirements

Expectations of registrants:

  • When providing care, registrants are expected to broadly understand the role they can play in preventing ill-health
  • This may involve advice, referrals or other interventions which may not be directly connected to the reason the service user sought care
  • When thinking about the prevention of ill-health, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all their service users
  • Many registrants already take this approach and so these new standards may not have a significant impact on them
  • Registrants may find it helpful to include observations about public health and the prevention of ill-health in their notes and reflections
Page updated on: 23/11/2022