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Regulating further professions

How the government decides which professions should be regulated

Safonau ymddygiad, perfformiad a moeseg

Cyflwynir y safonau, mewn termau cyffredinol, sut ydyn ni'n disgwyl i gofrestryddion ymddwyn

Other organisations

There are a number of other regulatory organisations in the UK which regulate health and care professionals

Reflect, discuss, develop: the value of supervision

Supervision helps you reflect on your practice, identify areas for improvement, and put development plans or strategies in place. It also helps you meet our standards.

Supporting European applicants through a period of adaptation

As an employer, you or a member of your team may be able to supervise an applicant during their period of adaption

CPD: how to support your employees

As an employer, you will want to support your employee in undertake continuing professional development (CPD)

Toolbox or tickbox: how should you use our standards?

What’s the best way to use our standards of conduct, performance and ethics in practice?

Policy statement on HCPC’s approach to developing memorandums of understanding

This policy statement sets out our broad approach to developing memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with other organisations.

Returning to practice

Information about the process you need to complete if you are returning to practice after a break of more than two years

Case studies of fitness to practise concerns

Our case studies are based on real life fitness to practise concerns we have received. They illustrate the types of issues that are taken into consideration by a panel when deciding if a registrant’s fitness to practise is impaired, and if so what sanction to apply