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Before the renewal window opens

Just before the renewal window opens we write to you to invite you to renew your registration. Included in this correspondence is information on how to renew your registration using your online account.

It is vital that your correspondence address and contact details are up to date with us; otherwise you could miss your initial invitation to renew your registration.


During the renewal cycle

You have three months to renew your registration, by both signing a professional declaration and making a payment.

Renewing your registration online is quick and easy

If you do not wish to maintain your registration after the window closes, please write to us advising us that you do not intend to renew and would like to voluntary de-register just before the window closes. Please accompany this letter with a voluntary de-registration request form. This will ensure that your employer on record will not receive any further correspondence reminding them that you are still to renew.


To check that you have successfully renewed your registration you can either log in to your online account and check the main homepage of the area, or alternatively, you can check the online register.  The Online Register is immediately updated to show your new registration dates.

The Register is in real-time and is the best way for you or your employer to verify your registration status. 

If you still have not renewed by the final month of the window, we will take additional steps to make sure that you are aware of the process and deadline. We will write to your employer on record, to make them aware that you are yet still to renew your registration.

Once the renewal window closes

If you fail to renew your registration by the end of the renewal window, then your name will be automatically removed from the register and you will be unable to practice using the protected title.



To return to the register you will need to complete a readmission form.

Click here for more information about the Readmission process.


Further information

If you still have a question about the renewal process then you can email with any queries Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Still have a question about renewing?

For more information or clarification about renewing your registration, please contact our Registration team:

Page updated on: 05/07/2018