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Approval of programmes outside of the UK

We may consider approving a programme that is delivered by UK providers

What we can consider

Our legislation allows us to approve qualifications delivered by UK education providers. Therefore, we may be able to approve programmes that are delivered overseas by UK providers, where the overseas delivery is conducted by the UK provider.

We assess any overseas programme via our normal approval process. Programmes would need to meet the relevant education standards.

Individuals who complete an approved overseas programme would be eligible to apply for registration via the UK route.

What we cannot consider

Our legislation does not allow us to approve qualifications offered by overseas institutions. Any graduates of overseas programmes who would like to register would need to apply for registration via the international route.

Help and advice

If you would like to deliver a programme outside of the UK, please contact the Education Department.

Tel. 44 (0)20 7840 9812

Page updated on: 13/06/2018