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Our role in approving orthoptist exemption training

If you wish to offer a new orthoptist exemption programme, including pre-registration programmes that offer the exemption, you will need to seek approval for the programme.

Appropriately trained orthoptists are able to sell and supply certain prescription only medicines to patients as part of their professional practice.

Education providers may choose to run:

  • qualifying orthoptist programmes which also deliver the exemptions, and / or
  • standalone programmes in the annotation, if they wish to upskill registered orthoptists who does not have their registration record annotated.

We hold programmes to our orthoptist exemption standards . This standards sets clear expectations of the processes and systems education providers delivering orthoptist exemption training should have in place to manage their programme. It also sets out our expectations of orthoptists who will have their registration record annotated. Education providers must ensure those who complete orthoptist exemptions training are able to meet these competencies.

Page updated on: 13/06/2018