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Our requirements for an annual monitoring declaration

A declaration asks you to confirm that: 

  •  your programme(s) continues to meet our education standards; and 
  •  recent and future changes have been reported to us.

This year we have grouped together all approved programmes from the same profession, at an education provider. Where this has occurred, we have determined which programme has the latest internal quality assurance date in the academic year. We have set the HCPC submission deadline, one month after this.

You should only send us the completed declaration form once the internal monitoring processes for all the programmes outlined on the form have been completed.  

Before completing your declaration form, you should ensure that you have reported any changes to us that may impact how our standards are met.

Completing the annual monitoring declaration form

The declaration form is divided into two sections.

Section 1

About the education provider

This section is already completed. You should tell us if there are any inaccuracies in the information provided.

Section 2


In the declaration, you need to confirm that:

  • the programme continues to meet our education standards;
  • those who successfully complete the programme meet our proficiency standards; and
  • recent and future significant changes are reported to the HCPC.
Page updated on: 03/07/2018