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Our requirements for an annual monitoring audit

An audit asks you to electronically submit the following.

  • Several key pieces of your internal quality monitoring documentation
  • A mapping document which notes any changes to your programme

We use this information to consider whether our standards continue to be met by the programme.

Required documentation

We expect that you already produce much of the documentation that we require as part of your internal quality monitoring processes. It is up to you to consider how you present this information through your audit. As we audit programmes every two years, we require the following documentation from the last two academic years.

This may include the following.

  • External examiners’ reports
  • Responses to the external examiners’ reports
  • Internal quality documents
  • Monitoring of service user and carer involvement
  • Monitoring of practice-based learning

Assessing that programmes meet the revised standards of education and training

From September 2018 we expect that all pre-registration programmes will meet the revised standards of education and training (SETs), following a year of planning.


In our invite email, we have informed you of requirements specific to your programme. For guidance on the revised SETs, including case studies and suggested documentation that you may wish to provide through this process, please see our dedicated resources on this subject.

Completing the annual monitoring audit form

The audit form is divided into four sections.


Section title
Section 1

About the education provider


This section is already completed. You should tell us if there are any inaccuracies in the information provided.

Section 2

Check list of documents


Put a tick against the documents that you are providing and add an explanation if there are any you are unable to provide.

Section 3

Mapping document


Map changes to your programme from the last two years against the education standards.

Section 4






In the declaration, you need to confirm that:

  • the programme continues to meet our education standards; and

  • those who successfully complete the programme meet our proficiency standards.

Guidance about our additional documentary requirements 

Since the 2018–19 academic year, we have required additional evidence requirements relating to monitoring of service user and carer involvement, and of practice-based learning. These additional requirements were discussed and agreed by our Education and Training Committee in September 2017.

In maintaining adherence to our standards, education providers should be well placed to provide this information. Such evidence should be based on information already routinely gathered and considered for the internal management of an approved programme.

Possible evidence to demonstrate our additional documentary requirements from 2018-19

Area for
you should
Examples of
which may
linked to
this area*

Monitoring of service user and carer involvement


Information regarding where on the programme service user and carer involvement has taken place, and its effectiveness.

Feedback from stakeholders regarding service user and carer involvement, areas for further development and any information regarding action plans.


Minutes of meetings to which service users and carers have contributed, either through their attendance or written feedback, including any action points (e.g. feedback from focus groups and any outcomes from such focus groups which fed into the programme).

Learner feedback from modules / activities when service users and carers have been involved and any actions resulting from learners’ feedback, if required.

Identification and analysis of service user and carer involvement in the programme.

Internal quality monitoring documents.


SET 3.7: Service users and carers must be involved in the programme.

SET 3.4: The programme must have regular and effective monitoring and evaluation systems in place.

Monitoring of practice based learning


Information regarding ongoing practice-based learning capacity.

Information regarding the outcomes of practice-based learning quality monitoring activity.

Feedback from stakeholders, areas identified for development and any information regarding action plans.


Minutes of discussions with practice education providers about capacity of practice-based learning and / or feedback for development of practice-based learning and resulting actions.

Questionnaire for practice education providers which includes information about capacity.

Minutes of programme committee meetings or local / regional practice education planning meetings.

Analysis of results from practice-based learning monitoring and any resulting actions.

Learner / practice educator feedback, including any action plans.

Internal quality monitoring documents.


SET 3.6: There must be an effective process in place to ensure the availability and capacity of practice-based learning for all learners.

SET 5.1: Practice-based learning must be integral to the programme.

SET 5.2: The structure, duration and range of practice-based learning must support the achievement of the learning outcomes and the standards of proficiency.

SET 5.3: The education provider must maintain a thorough and effective system for approving and ensuring the quality of practice-based learning.

* There are equivalent standards for post-registration training programmes

Page updated on: 12/06/2018