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When I've qualified

Information for applicants about applying for registration

Once you’ve qualified you can apply for registration to practise in any of the professions we regulate.

Please select the appropriate application route below to find information and application forms.

UK approved programme

If you trained in the UK, and you have completed an approved programme, you may apply for registration through the 'approved qualification' route.

Start your application process


If you have come off the Register you can apply for readmission to come back on.

Apply for readmission

Qualifications from outside the UK

If you trained in your profession outside of the United Kingdom and don’t have a UK-approved qualification, you may apply to the Register using one of the following application routes.

International route
European Mutual Recognition (EMR) route

Since the 11 December 2017 we introduced new applications form for the two processes above. You may view them by visiting the relevant sections. The old version of the International application form will be accepted until the end of March 2018, however we encourage you to use the new version.

Please note: physiotherapists who have EMR rights may apply using the European Professional Card.

Apply through the international route

Apply through the EMR route

Page updated on: 13/06/2018