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Our values underpin what we do and how we do it, to help us operate to high standards and effectively as a regulator and employer



✔ Work with all of our stakeholders to understand and respond to their specific needs

✔ Actively listen to diverse and protected groups including those who may not traditionally have a strong voice

✔ Be empathetic and compassionate in our dealings with registrants, complainants and witnesses

✔ Work collaboratively with others to ensure joined up effective regulation

✔ Contribute and adapt to reflect regional, national and profession differences

✔ Use our data and evidence, and that of our stakeholders, to inform our decision making

✔ Be an excellent employer

✔ Effective regulation which meets the PSA’s standards of good regulation and reflects best practice

✔ An excellent user experience

✔ Well-informed standards, guidance and regulatory processes that enable registrants to adapt to changes in healthcare

✔ Preventative regulation using data, research and analysis to address the conditions that may contribute to instances of service user harm

✔ Guidance and resources that support quality in professional practice

✔ Regulation that adapts to public needs

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