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Health Regulation Worldwide

The Health Regulation Worldwide database has been constructed and is maintained by the Health Professions Council to assist in the identification of organisations throughout the world that regulate or control the practise of health care workers. 

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Regulators, Licensing Authorities, Boards and Government Departments

Different countries refer to organisations that control the practice of health care workers by different terms. They include: Boards, Government Departments, both Central and Local, Licensing Authorities and Regulators. Throughout the Health Regulation Worldwide web site these types of organisations are referred to as Regulators.

Professional Bodies and Associations 

In some countries Professional Bodies, Professional Associations or Trade Unions undertake the control of the practice of health care workers. Throughout the Health Regulation Worldwide web site these types of organisations are referred to as Professional Bodies.

Health Care Worker and Health Care Professional

The type of health care worker who is regulated varies from country-to-country. Predominantly, but not exclusively, health care professionals are regulated. However, there is a growing trend to regulate health care workers below the level of the traditional professionals. Throughout this web site the term health care worker has been used whether or not they are classified as a profession by a country. Over 30 types of regulated health care workers have been identified.

Number of Organisations 

There are potentially thousands of Regulators and Professional Bodies who may be involved in the regulation of health care workers operating in over 190 countries, 30 dependant territories and 200 smaller regional administrative areas such as states and provinces.

Web Addresses and contact details

The Health Regulation Worldwide web site only lists the web addresses of Regulators and Professional Bodies. It does not list postal addresses or telephone numbers. This means that the information can be kept accurate and up-to-date with a minimum of resources. When no web address can be found but an address has been located on a web site then this has been included. For Example the Fijian regulator of Doctors does not have a web site, but their contact details can be found on

Structure of the information on the web site

Information is organised at four levels. Continental, International, Country and Region.


All countries and regions have been grouped into nine continents. They are: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America.

International Organisations

Organisations that have a global remit, such as the World Dental Federation, are listed on the International Organisations page.


There are 193 countries listed who are members of the United Nations. These are listed on the UN web site:

A number of geographical areas are not members of the UN but are administered by various organisations. For a full list of these Dependencies see the following web site:

Provinces, Regions, States and Departments

Some countries administer the practise of health care workers below the level of central government. Examples of countries that use this type of system include: Australia, Canada, France, India, Spain and the United States of America.

Where countries follow this administrative process their respective Regulators or Professional Bodies can be located by clicking the relevant button at the end of the country page.

Alerts – Fitness to Practice or Disciplinary Processes

Some Regulators and Professional Bodies publish on their web sites information about healthcare workers whose ability to work has been limited or stopped as a result of a Fitness to Practice or Disciplinary process. This may be as a result of a court of law, tribunal or the withdrawal of a licence.

Where this information has been identified the web link has been listed under an Alert Heading.

How to use the web site

Two methods can be used to locate a Regulator or Professional Body.

Go to the Health Regulation Worldwide front page, click on a continent, then country, then profession.

Or alternatively, a search can be done by clicking: Health Regulation Worldwide – Advanced Search.

Additional Information

If you have additional information, corrections or amendments that should be included on the Health Regulation Worldwide web site, please get in touch by email.

Page updated on: 17/10/2018