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A disabled person's guide to becoming a health professional

Date of publication: 08/08/2006
Category: Guidance
Audience: Registrants
Please note: this document is currently being revised and is therefore out of print. If you would like further information about this review, please contact the Policy and Standards Department by emailing policy@hcpc-uk.org, or calling +44 (0)20 7840 9815. An up-to-date organisation contact list to replace the list in this publication is available here.

This document is for people with a disability or long-term health condition who want to become health and care professionals and for staff working in admissions on approved courses. It gives information for applicants about the stages that they need to go through to become a health and care professional, including registration with us. It also gives information for admissions staff on their responsibilities under the relevant equalities legislation and to the HCPC when they receive an application from a person with a disability.

Changes to note:
The Equality Act 2010 has replaced pre-existing anti-discrimination laws, including the Disability Discrimination Act which is mentioned in this guidance document.

Following the consultation we held in 2010, we have now removed the requirement to provide a health reference for entry to the Health and Care Professions Council Register which is mentioned in this guidance document. Applicants to our register now need to sign a declaration about their health status as part of their application. We have also recently changed the way we process information we receive through our self-referral process.

More information about the consultation, and the Council's decision to remove the health reference is available here.
This document is available in the following formats:
Download A disabled persons guide to becoming a health professional
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Download Organisation contact list for a disabled persons guide
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