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New features released on the myHCPC app

07/04/2017 - 11:33

The new version of myHCPC is now available for download.

We are delighted to confirm the release of the latest update to myHCPC, our app for registrants. myHCPC is completely free and available on both Android and iPhone OS.

With the update, you’ll see:

  • a visually engaging dashboard home screen, with instant access to core standards and an overview of the app’s content at a glance;
    a profession-specific filter, pulling through the only the guidance relevant to you – no more scrolling through fifteen irrelevant professions;
  • revamped navigation, with a series of bold icons at the top of every page; and
  • a new bookmarking tool, so you can save pages and sections for reference later.



Registrants and students alike tell us that using the app has made a difference to their lives. What will it do for you? Download now and find out.

If the app has improved how you work or study, we’d like to hear why. Just drop an email to web@hcpc-uk.org introducing yourself, and we’ll take it from there.


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