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If you were registered by us in the past, and now wish to be re-registered, you need to apply for 'readmission' to the Register.

Please note that if you have never been registered with us, please go back to the 'apply' page to read information that applies to you.

Returners to Practice
If you were previously registered with us but have not practised (in the UK or elsewhere) in the last two years then you will need to meet our returners to practice requirements.

For more information on our returners to practice requirements please click here.

You will need to complete the readmission form and returners to practice forms applicable to you.

If you have been registered with us before but you have been practising abroad within the last two years you will not have to meet our returners requirements. However, we do need to ask you for some additional information. You will need to complete the readmission forms and a practise abroad form.