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Standards for podiatric surgery

This page is about our standards which set requirements for education providers delivering training in podiatric surgery and also for chiropodists / podiatrists who complete the training.

The standards for podiatric surgery have two purposes.

  • They set out the processes and procedures that an education provider delivering training in podiatric surgery must have in place in order to deliver the training safely and effectively.
  • They also set out the knowledge, understanding and skills that a registered chiropodist / podiatrist must have when they complete their podiatric surgery training and which they must continue to meet once in practice.

These standards are set at the threshold level we consider necessary to protect those using podiatric surgery services and other members of the public.

Podiatrists practising podiatric surgery must continue to meet all of the other standards set by the HCPC.

In the future we will annotate (or mark) the entries of chiropodists / podiatrists in our Register who have completed an approved podiatric surgery programme and meet our standards.

More information about annotation of the Register is available here.

Download the standards for podiatric surgery document below

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